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Introducing DéjàClick ScriptShare — a revolutionary Web communication concept!

Have you ever had a Web experience that you wanted to share with someone, whether it was a series of pages you visited for a particular purpose, or a multi-step process you completed on a particular site? Sometimes sending digital images, words, and URL links is not enough. Sometimes you need to convey an entire event or sequence or transaction, from start to finish.

DéjàClick ScriptShare makes it simple. Simply turn on your Deja recorder and navigate to your destination pages, one after another, conducting whatever transactions you need. When you are done, click the DéjàClick stop button.

Just like that, you have created a script that you can email to friends and associates, enabling them to replay precisely the experience you just had, including all interaction with Web applications, all form fills, all menu choices, all clicks, all mouse hovers, and everything else you just did.

ScriptShare is a highly efficient and effective way to communicate your online activity. It’s true-to-life, and much more dynamic and interesting than a written description or series of links. Try it!

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